Sombrero 2016 Holiday Update

Category : SombreroDev
Date : December 9, 2016


  • New Weapon Power-Up: The Thunderbuss.
  • Added Steam Achievements.
  • Added default controls for Steam Controller when in Big Picture Mode.
  • Steam nicknames are now displayed in Online play when connected to Steam instead of character names. These names should appear on the Lobby screen and the in-game HUD during Online gameplay.
  • Added “Armed Respawn” Match customization option. Players won’t be able to fire their weapon until their invincibility has ended upon respawning. “Unarmed” messaging will display if a Player tries to fire while invincible.
  • Added pulsing visual effect to Power-ups.
  • Messaging on Player Join screen changed. Title bar now shows match type & stage, with secondary messaging moved to bottom in both Local & Online play.
  • Voting to start a Match from the Match Lobby screen added.
  • Added Tint parameter to background tile layers to provide more contrast with platform tile layer.
  • Added dust cloud particle effect when debris bounces.


  • Camera takes a little bit longer before it starts zooming into/away from the Players.
  • Renderer now supports non-power of 2 sprites & textures. This should decrease VRAM usage.
  • Customize Gameplay menu reworked to organize and more clearly label customization options.
  • Optimized explosion & debris effects.


  • Online play Region names on the Options screen are now more descriptive.
  • Rearranged Online play Regions to alphabetical order.
  • Message when disconnecting from the Room List changed to “Disconnecting…” from “Leaving Room…”.
  • “Grandpa’s TV” option changed to “Vignette” on the Option menu, and film grain shader has been removed (for now).
  • Online play Region is now set when connecting to the Name Server instead of waiting for a connection to a regional Master Server. This should speed up the connection process.
  • Players cannot back out of a Match from the Match Lobby if there is less than 5 seconds before a Match starts.
  • Players can no longer back out of Quickplay while it’s searching for/creating a Match.
  • Match Countdown in Match Lobby increased to 15 seconds.
  • When in windowed mode, the window will attempt to lock to the correct aspect ratio (16:9)
  • Platform collisions changed from tile-based to object-based, decreasing necessary collision checks dramatically.
  • New animation for Pulse projectile to make it more visible.
  • New animation for Pistol projectile to make it more visible.
  • Online Players are now segmented based on their app version number to avoid compatibility errors.
  • Game no longer pauses/mutes when clicking outside of the game window when in Windowed mode.


  • Steam Link streaming should now work properly and not display a black screen when in some areas of the GUI.
  • Updated Southern Ruins tileset to eliminate a few 1 pixel seams between some tiles.
  • Messaging for Weapons switching back to their default at the end of a round/match should no longer display.
  • One of the sprites related to explosions wasn’t appearing. Now it is.
  • Drop shadow on text will adjust to the correct size when switching between full screen and windowed.
  • “Continue” option no longer available on the Room List if no Rooms are available.
  • Changed location of fall killbox in Clampett’s Hideaway to eliminate invisible platform issue.

Coming Next Week:

  • New Arena: Monasterio de los Muertos.