Sombrero Build 1.2.3

Category : SombreroDev
Date : January 30, 2017


  • Character & Stage settings files are now encrypted to prevent editing.
  • Resolution switching added to Options menu.
    Available options are:
    • Native: Will render the game at the current screen resolution, whatever resolution that is.
    • 960×540
    • 1280×720
    • 1366×768
    • 1600×900
    • 1920×1080
    • 2240×1260
    • 2560×1440


  • Tweaked platforms on Jones Hill, Monastery stages.


  • Added Film Grain toggle to Options menu.
  • Depth of Field option has been updated to function correctly based on user settings.
  • Depth of Field option is now limited to checking for camera changes 8 times a second instead of continuously as the camera moves/zooms. This should improve performance on slower GPUs without any real visible drop in quality.
  • Changed the way the settings.xml file is written to disk to be more reliable.
  • Player HUD objects during gameplay are now either not rendered or destroyed when those players don’t exist. Previously they were just setting opacity to 0 which was causing occasional graphical glitches on embedded GPUs during some stages.


  • The Steam overlay should now render correctly over the black bars that appear at non-16:9 resolutions.
  • Sliders on the Options menu should no longer appear as if they’re going to a negative value (only occurred sometimes).
  • Game Paused GUI during a match is now removed when a player returns to the Main Menu.

Known Issues:

  • The scale and position of some weather effects, like rain & clouds, may not be correct at any resolution other than Native. Please note these in Jira if found.