Sombrero Build 1.4.78

Category : SombreroDev
Date : July 28, 2017


  • If no custom Twitch user/auth is used, SOMBREROGAME user is used as default.
  • If no custom Twitch channel is used, SOMBREROGAME channel is used by default.
  • Added #rockdrop hashtag. Boulders will fall from the top of the screen and bounce down the platforms. Sounds still need to be added.


  • Switched to less annoying typewriter sfx.
  • New lightning hazard sfx.


  • Settings.xml now saves properly in the root game directory.
  • Corrected issue with slope causing Player to stop on bottom-right platform in Clampett’s Hideaway.

Known Issues:

  • On first startup on Linux build, if user has a keychain set up, it’ll ask for their password. This is probably unavoidable in Ubuntu 14-16 at default security settings.