Sombrero Build 0.874

Category : SombreroDev
Date : May 16, 2015

As Sombrero gets closer to Beta, more game modes & major features are getting flipped on as bugs are ironed out. This build enables a few major features, including the Deathmatch gameplay style and some of the basic powerups!


  • Deathmatch gameplay
  • Powerups! Street Broom (shotgun), TNT & Cannonball currently working!


  • Explosions now reflect the color of the player that caused them, to make it more clear who is eliminating who.
  • Player movement has been tweaked slightly to increase the speed at which max movement speed is reached. This also means players can turn around faster/change direction faster than was previously possible


  • Powerup projectiles are now handled correctly and no longer change to the default weapon when a player reverts to the base pistol.

Coming in the Next Release:

  • Gameplay modes: Capture the Flag, Banditos
  • Additional Powerups, including a temporary shield and a high jump