Sombrero Build 0.896

Category : SombreroDev
Date : January 9, 2016


  • Weapons: Sticky Bomb, Bombfist, Axe, Banditos special weapon
  • Feature: WebRTC Multiplayer Host/Client – currently just connects players into games of up to 4 players each. Does not yet support online play


  • Player movement tweaks
  • Avery’s Saloon background added, additional tile revisions
  • Throwing Knives can now go through most platform types
  • New stage loader that greatly simplifies work needed in setting up new stages
  • Added Avery’s Saloon background
  • More detailed Gameplay Style notes


  • Projectile sprite flipping when playing with keyboard & mouse
  • Player running particles now work on the bottom floor in Avery’s Saloon
  • Banditos Idol spawning error fixed