Sombrero Build 0.899.7.66

Category : SombreroDev
Date : June 27, 2016


  • Added VFX to dropped flag in CTF mode.
  • Added keyboard support for submenu on Custom Gameplay screen.


  • Reduced frame rate of explosion sprite animation from 45 to 24 to reduce occasional hitches during explosions.
  • Lowered max Jump Strength & Player Speed.
  • Reduced screen shake during explosions.
  • Reduced size of the explosion vfx slightly.
  • Neutral projectiles no longer register as a kill. Neutral projectiles will reduce player kills by 1.


  • Fixed another menu trying to launch after player starts a match.
  • All projectiles now bounce off the outside walls on the Saloon stage as intended.
  • Keyboard menu navigation fixed.
  • Resized Player collision box to increase height & decrease width.
  • Projectiles now bounce properly on the Avery’s Saloon map.