Sombrero Build 0.899.7.73

Category : SombreroDev
Date : July 12, 2016


  • Layers that contain no objects will now disable. Draw calls decreased 10-65% depending upon current status of gameplay, increasing 60fps consistency and reducing CPU usage by 20-50%.
  • Player Ammo counter now locks above x99 shots.
  • Console now supports Functions Calls with Parameters. Documentation is here:
  • Added screen wipe to stage loading screen.
  • Player Sprites now affected by scene lighting.


  • Played now effected by Platform-level vfx lighting.
  • Player Halo now layers on top of Platform scorch effects.
  • Reduced layer count to improve fillrate.
  • Banditos now compares the highest player’s time with the remaining round time instead of the overall round length.


  • Added comma to Laredo spritefont. Should fix some Credits screen spacing issues.
  • Fixed a glitch on the Gameplay Style menu that would cause the video to flash when the player reaches the top/bottom and keeps pressing the analog stick.


  • Updated screen wipe animation.

Known Issues: