Sombrero Build 0.899.7.7992

Category : SombreroDev
Date : August 14, 2016


  • Round Countdown synced in Online play.
  • Round Time synced in Online play.
  • Player Movement, Climbing & Jumping synced (other player input features are NOT synced yet, like shooting).
  • Powerup spawning & assignment synced across Master & Client peers.
  • Idol spawning & assignment synced across Master & Client peers.
  • Loot pickup synced in Online play.


  • Automatic Edward sounds updated.
  • Duke Grabowski sounds added.
  • Jim from Cleveland sounds updated.


  • Changes to Player input management to unify local & online input behavior.


  • Fixed an issue with music restarting and playing in background when game window is not in focus.

Known Issues:

  • Character maps aren’t synched in Online play or when a Player first joins a room with other Players in it.
  • Join menu buttons appear behind “Ready!” message in online play if Players are set to ready when another Player joins.
  • Only some Player input functions correctly during Online play, and gameplay is NOT synched.