Sombrero Build 0.899.7.79944

Category : SombreroDev
Date : August 25, 2016


  • Added Shortcut for hiding Gameplay HUD (for footage capture & screenshots): Ctrl+H.
  • Red tint now fades in at the end of each Round.
  • Unique sound effects for Peep.
  • “Bloom” lighting overlay on all stages. This might get pulled for performance reasons so feedback would be appreciated.


  • Altered Automatic Edward sound effects to remove some of the high end that was cutting through other sounds too strongly.
  • Compressed data that’s sent during Online play for Powerup & Idol spawning. If this doesn’t break anything, it’ll be added to all Online data transmission.
  • Updated framework to 14.0 Normal from 13.0 a7 SDK, which should bring some performance improvements and reduce memory overhead.


  • Player Character blends to Idle animation when stopping on a Ladder.
  • Reworked Pause & Round/Match win screen control code for Online play.
  • Changed Flag pickup sound.
  • Reduced texture resolution for VFX behind the Platform layer (campfire smoke, explosion smoke) to reduce memory requirements.
  • Moved some background Platform tiles to foreground so they’re not affected by the DOF blur on the BG Platform tile layers.


  • Eliminated the “ghost” process issue when not quitting the game using normal methods.
  • Removed border from Steam overlay.
  • Player should now properly disconnect from Ladders at the top & bottom.
  • Game should once again check if a Player has won a majority of Rounds and award the Match to that Player.
  • Fixed a bug where the TNT was leaving it’s particle emitter behind when it hit an exploding barrel.
  • Fixed a bug where audio during the logo videos was at a low volume instead of silent when sfx audio volume is all the way down.
  • Banditos Idol should properly respawn when the Player holding it dies.
  • Audio should mute/start properly when pausing a match or the window going out of focus.

Known Issues:

  • Some particle effects aren’t triggering in online play.
  • Character maps aren’t synced in Online play or when a Player first joins a room with other Players in it.
  • Join menu buttons appear behind “Ready!” message in online play if Players are set to ready when another Player joins.
  • Only some Player inputs function correctly during Online play, and only some parts of gameplay are synced. See the chart below for details.
  • Holding UP at the top of a Ladder will cause the player to repeatedly send commands in online play, and may cause sync issues. This will be fixed in a future build.

Items surrounded by a bubble have been synced in Online play. Items in yellow are synced but need testing.