Sombrero Build 0.899.7.79945

Category : SombreroDev
Date : August 30, 2016





  • Fixed issue with light texturing not pasting properly.
  • Fixed issue with music soundtrack restarting at the end of a round or when when was quickly returned to focus/fell out of focus.

Known Issues:

  • Some particle effects aren’t triggering in online play.
  • Character maps aren’t synced in Online play or when a Player first joins a room with other Players in it.
  • Join menu buttons appear behind “Ready!” message in online play if Players are set to ready when another Player joins.
  • Only some Player inputs function correctly during Online play, and only some parts of gameplay are synced. See the chart below for details.
  • Holding UP at the top of a Ladder will cause the player to repeatedly send commands in online play, and may cause sync issues. This will be fixed in a future build.

Items surrounded by a bubble have been synced in Online play. Items in yellow are synced but need testing.