Sombrero Build 0.899.7.79946

Category : SombreroDev
Date : September 1, 2016


  • Settings are saved to external file. If the file doesn’t exist it’s created at first run (by default, it doesn’t exist).
  • Weapons can now be fired in Online play. Note that Projectile bounces are NOT synced yet, so Projectiles going out of sync on bounce should be expected behavior.


  • Some Menus revised to standardize layouts.
  • Engine updated to r234b.


  • Removed inertia when Player input ends on ladder.
  • Reduced Idol Pickup sync data size in Online play.
  • Movement only sends whole integer pixel values for X/Y location when in Online play to reduce sync data size.
  • Weapon fire sends a float angle rounded to two decimal places in local & Online play. This should help increase accuracy for analog sticks with large dead zones and reduces sync data size in Online play.
  • Separated Weapon reloading from Player input, moved to function to reduce sync data size in Online play.
  • Moved Projectile SFX & VFX triggers to Projectile spawn function to reduce sync data size in Online play.
  • Revised how attaching to/detaching from a ladder works.
  • Player color no longer needs to be sent during Projectile spawning (reduces online data size).
  • Removed redundant input check for multi-Projectile weapons. Projectile spawning function now manages multi-Projectile weapons internally.
  • Simplified & reduced Projectile spawn function calls to reduce sync data size in Online play. A side effect is that for multi-Projectile weapons, the angle of each Projectile is now predictable over a set spread angle.
  • Flipped Cancel/Confirm on Join Menu for consistency with other Menu layouts.
  • Only Player 1 can pause during a Match.
  • Removed animated campfire lighting vfx from BGVFX layer to improve performance (and it wasn’t noticable anyway).
  • Removed cigar from The Stranger because rating systems are weird about such things.


  • Fixed issue with light texture not pasting properly.
  • Last A/V settings now used on game relaunch.
  • Audio now resumes if the Player chooses to leave a Match from the Pause screen during a Match.
  • Banditos Idol pickup/drop should work again in Online play.
  • Player death/respawn in Online play has been re-enabled.
  • Holding UP at the top of a Ladder will no longer cause the player to repeatedly send commands in Online play and cause sync issues.
  • Removed check for non-existent parameter in MenuChange function.

Known Issues:

  • Movement issues exist in Online play after detaching from a ladder, as well as jumping in front of a ladder when not attached. This will be fixed in a future build.
  • Some particle effects aren’t triggering on Peers in online play.
  • Character maps aren’t synced in Online play or when a Player first joins a room with other Players in it.
  • Join menu buttons appear behind “Ready!” message in online play if Players are set to ready when another Player joins.
  • Only some Player inputs function correctly during Online play, and only some parts of gameplay are synced. See the chart below for details.

Items surrounded by a bubble have been synced in Online play. Items in YELLOW are synced but need testing. Items in BLUE should be solid but should still be tested. Items in GREEN are tested and confirmed complete. Items in GREY do NOT require sync, but it may be added if there’s time.