Sombrero Build 0.899.7.82

Category : SombreroDev
Date : September 30, 2016


  • Countdown timer between Rounds/Rematch in Online play.
  • Implemented countdown timers between Rounds/at end of the Match. If the Round timer reaches 0, the next round will start. If the Rematch timer reaches 0, the Players will be returned to the Main menu.
  • Voting to continue to next Round/Rematch before the timer runs out.
  • Added interstitial “Leaving Room” screen when leaving a Room.


  • Keyboard/mouse play is working in Local play. Use mouse to aim & shoot, space = jump/a button, ctrl = x, esc = y. In Local play, the keyboard will auto-switch to whatever Player doesn’t have a gamepad assigned based gamepad count. So if there are 2 gamepads, Player 3 is controlled with the keyboard.
  • Changed blending mode of full-screen scrolling textures (soft clouds/atmospherics, rain)to squeeze more performance out of lower-end GPUs.
  • Turned off all image compression. It doesn’t affect memory usage in any way (everything is uncompressed in memory upon load), just the space the game takes up, and made the game take a lot longer to export.
  • Added in-process GPU flag to export. This should fix most issues with the Steam overlay getting stuck on-screen.
  • Updated Node framework from 17.3 to 17.6. There should be no visible changes, this updates help prevent remote code execution which should be helpful for anti-cheat protection in Online play.
  • Disabled “Kiosk” mode, so game should now minimize/maximize correctly when in fullscreen.
  • Changed blending mode of red Pause/Round/Match overlay to properly blend white objects (such as the Round Start notification: Loot!, Capture the Flag!, etc.).
  • Updated framework from 17.6b to 17.6 final. This is most likely the final framework update unless any issues are found


  • CTF should be working properly in Local & Online player with any Player count.
  • Music & SFX volume defaults updated.

Known Issues:

  • Keyboard/mouse control is not working in Online play – jumping & climbing ladders need to be revised.
  • Some SFX aren’t triggering on Peers in online play. If you notice this, please file a bug which lists them.
  • Some particle effects aren’t triggering on Peers in online play.
  • Character maps aren’t synced when a Player first joins a Room with other Players in it.

Items surrounded by a bubble have been synced in Online play. Items in YELLOW are synced but need testing. Items in BLUE should be solid but should still be tested. Items in GREEN are tested and confirmed complete. Items in GREY do NOT require sync, but it may be added if there’s time.