Sombrero Build 1.2.155

Category : SombreroDev
Date : December 6, 2016


  • Monasterio de los Muertos stage Title Card art added.
  • Added church bells to Monasterio de los Muertos stage. All projectiles ricochet.
  • New Weapon: Thunderbuss. Shoots 3 slow-moving, arcing projectiles that explode on impact with any surface.


  • Updated to NWjs 18.5.
  • Camera takes a little bit longer before it starts zooming into/away from the Players.
  • Renderer now supports non-power of 2 sprites & textures (WebGL2 v WebGL). This should decrease VRAM usage.
  • Customize Gameplay menu reworked to organize and more clearly label customization options.


  • Optimized explosion rendering.


  • Messaging for Weapons switching back to their default at the end of a round/match should no longer display.
  • One of the sprites related to explosions wasn’t appearing. Now it is.