Sombrero Build 1.2.157

Category : SombreroDev
Date : December 7, 2016


  • Added “Armed Respawn” Match customization option. Players won’t be able to fire their weapon until their invincibility has ended upon respawning. “Unarmed” messaging will display if a Player tries to fire while invincible.
  • Added Tint parameter to background tile layers to provide more contrast with platform tile layer.
  • Added pulse effect to Power-ups.



  • Changed from tile-based to object-based collision detection for static platform, ladder, and death volume collision. This should improve performance and reduce CPU usage. This affects platform/ladder/death volume collision on all stages. Breakable platforms are not affected.
  • Projectile collision effects such as sparks & decals now raytrace their collision vector to provide more accurate placement of the effects.
  • Small changes to the platform/ladder layout in Clampett’s Hideaway.
  • Slightly shortened Player Invincibility time.
  • Removed “Ammo Multiplier” customization option.
  • Re-added dark area behind Power-ups to make them stand out more.
  • Re-added Cannon Power-up.
  • Lowered volume of bell sound.


  • Updated Southern Ruins tileset to eliminate a few seams between the tiles.

Known Issues:

  • Projectile collision effects appear in the wrong spot when colliding with bells.
  • Cannon projectile still gets stuck in platform colliders when overlapping on the ladder.