Sombrero Build 1.2.44

Category : SombreroDev
Date : February 13, 2017


  • Messaging appears at bottom-center of screen during gameplay. The following events will trigger a message:
    • A Player kills another Player.
    • A Player kills themselves.
    • A Player picks up Loot.
    • A Player picks up Cash.
    • A Player picks up the Idol.
    • A Player returns a Flag to their base.


  • Updated the explosion smoke effect.
  • Reduced the number of Player actions that are cached on the multiplayer server (they weren’t being used for anything).
  • The Customize Style menu now only displays options relevant to the selected game mode, eg. “Loot Drop” only shows up when Loot is selected, “Kill Count” when Deathmatch is selected, etc.
  • Powerups are now assigned locally in online play at the same time the update is sent to remote Players when they’re picked up. Previously it was sent to all Players at the same time, including the local player, through the multiplayer server, which on slower connections could cause errors.


  • Players who did not pick up a Powerup should no longer see their HUD update with the wrong icon.

Known Issues:

  • The scale and position of some weather effects, like rain & clouds, may not be correct at any resolution other than Native. Please note these in Jira if found.