Sombrero Build 1.2.7

Category : SombreroDev
Date : May 5, 2017

NOTE: Changes have not been tested in Online play.


  • New Characters: Giana Sisters. Character sounds still need to be added.
  • Added Reaper weapon. When a Reaper projectile is closer to a Player other than the Player it belongs to, it will seek after the closest Player.
  • Re-added Cannonball weapon.
  • New Multiplayer Regions: South Korea, India
  • If a friend in a Player’s Steam friend list has started an Online match and it’s open, it will appear at the top of the Match list and in a different color.
  • Added Cancel option when Player is connecting to the server after choosing a Stage in Online play.


  • NWjs framework updated to 22.1
  • Updated Steamworks integration
  • Added ricochet spark effect to bell collision
  • More collision poly reduction & optimization
  • Idol Projectile has been redesigned


  • Changed from overlap check to collision check on Projectile collision with world geometry. This was necessary for bouncing projectiles (Cannonball) to function correctly. This was also how collision was previously but caused issues with collisions registering on world geometry in Online play. Those issues appear have been eliminated after additional work was done to multiplayer code, but please test thoroughly. This does NOT affect collision checks with Players, where it still checks for overlap.
  • Moved Projectile trail generation into Projectile behavior loop to reduce redundant code loops.
  • Shortened BombFist projectile lifespan.
  • Removed Quickplay option in Online play.
  • Weapon Powerup spawn now triggers a sound effect.


  • Added padding to raytrace to prevent ray from projecting between colliders on Projectile collision (the ricochet sparks could appear in the wrong spot if projected between collision shapes)