Sombrero Build 1.3.5

Category : SombreroDev
Date : June 18, 2017


  • Added in-game messaging to show current score multiplier in Loot when a Player captures a campfire.
  • Leaderboards now accessible in-game for each Gameplay style.
    • Each Leaderboard has 3 display Options: Top 10, Player Ranking, and Friend Ranking.
    • If a user is not online, they should receive an error message.
    • If a user is not logged into Steam, they should receive an error message.
  • Player scoring is now tracked locally between rounds and submitted to Leaderboards at the end of each Match, in addition to each Round, to break up repeating scores in Leaderboards (eg. Deathmatch maxing out at 10 kills).
  • Added Weapon Drops modifier. If a Player has a Weapon other than the default, they will drop it. If another Player picks it up, they will have the new Weapon with its remaining ammo. It currently defaults to on, and can be disabled in the Customize menu when creating a new Match.
  • New Giana Sister Characters: Added Nice Maria & Punk Maria.


  • Re-added South Korea & India Online play regions.


  • Join menu now shows both Player/Steam name and Character name in both Local & Online play.
  • On the Join menu, the Player join HUD now looks different depending upon Local or Online play:
    • In a Local game, the HUD looks the same.
    • In an Online game, Player slots for other Players will now show the messages “Waiting” or “Player Joined” instead of the Join/Confirm GUI shown in Local play.
  • Round & Match Win/Draw/Fail have been updated to show both Player/Steam name and Character name in Local & Online play.
  • Removed “…” from Multiplayer messages in menus, and added loading wheel.

Known Issues:

  • On first startup, Linux build is not reading in settings.xml.
  • On first startup on Linux build, if user has a keychain set up, it’ll ask for their password. This is probably unavoidable in Ubuntu 14-16 at default security settings.