Sombrero Build 1.4.79

Category : SombreroDev
Date : August 2, 2017


  • Hazards now randomly spawn during local matches and when not connected to Twitch. Settings are available in the Custom menu when choosing a Gameplay Style. Defaults to on, and every 20 seconds the game randomly decides whether or not to create a Hazard.
  • When a Twitch hashtag triggers an event, it will send a message to the Twitch channel saying who triggered it.


  • Lengthened cooldown timers for hashtags in Twitch.
  • Optimized #fireshower particle trail, and removed unused sprite animation.


  • Fixed button display on Create/Join Match screens ($button$ no longer displays)

Known Issues:

  • On first startup on Linux build, if user has a keychain set up, it’ll ask for their password. This is probably unavoidable in Ubuntu 14-16 at default security settings.