Sombrero Build 1.4.85

Category : SombreroDev
Date : August 15, 2017


  • Added spark particles to Meteor hazard.


  • Reduced internal layer count to speed up frame rendering.
  • Optimized some sprite animations.


  • Switched downscaling mode to prevent artifacts (mostly on spritefonts) at lower resolutions.
  • Updated spritefont to include underscore for Twitch names/channels.
  • Reshaped colliders on edges of platforms in Hideaway.


  • Twitch Channel input now works, and supports Twitch username/channel naming conventions. NOTE: There is no “incorrect” channel names on Twitch. If the specified room/channel doesn’t exist, Twitch will automatically create it.
  • Player lighting once again no longer affects other Player’s sprites.
  • Jump particle effect now correctly appears behind Player sprites.
  • Meteor Trail particle effect now correctly removed.
  • Fixed an issue where explosion colliders were sometimes being left behind.


  • Removed some unused objects.
  • Removed some old/unused code.

Known Issues:

  • Settings file is not saving correctly if the resolution or the Twitch channel is altered.
  • Depth of Field behavior is not scaling correctly at all resolutions.
  • On first startup on Linux build, if user has a keychain set up, it’ll ask for their password. This is probably unavoidable in Ubuntu 14-16 at default security settings.