Sombrero E3 Build 0.899.7.64

Category : SombreroDev
Date : June 12, 2016


  • Added Quit Confirmation menu.


  • Moved Projectile behaviors to a new Function to reduce duplicate code.
  • Changed alignment of Gameplay HUD for Players 3&4.
  • Players now automatically disconnect from ladders upon reaching the top.


  • Updated Explosion VFX.


  • Weapons with multiple Projectiles no longer create more than one muzzle flash.
  • Players can no longer press more than one button on any of the pre-gameplay menus.
  • Players should no longer get “stuck” at the top of ladders.
  • CTF matches with 4 players now properly spawn base locations.
  • Decreased width of Player objects to reduce edge overlap on platforms.
  • Stage collisions should properly reset on all stages.