v0.8697 Preview Build Update

Category : SombreroDev
Date : February 24, 2015

Going to start calling the “alpha” a preview. Getting pretty close to official beta (as in feature, but not content-complete).


  • Added OSX support. Load times may be slow but otherwise everything should work the same as on Windows.
  • Added access to the Development News Feed. Testers can access it from the main menu.
  • Finalized Keyboard support. If a player has less than 4 gamepads, the next Player Slot will default to keyboard controls. For example: if the player has no gamepads, Player 1 will default to keyboard controls. If the player has 1 gamepad, Player 2 will default to keyboard controls.


  • Fixed an annoying audio panning bug, and re-imported some sound effects at higher quality.
  • Re-imported some audio/graphics that managed to get corrupted.


  • The online check is currently disabled for everything but downloading the Development News Feed. Don’t want to freak anyone out.