Sombrero: Reloaded Additions & Improvements

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Date : November 14, 2017

Arriving on Steam (and some other places) in 2018

SOMBRERO: RELOADED features a ton of updates and improvements over SOMBRERO: Spaghetti Western Mayhem. Think of it as a “Deluxe” version, except you’re not paying extra to get access to exclusive lootboxes or cheaply-made resin statues, and if you purchased the previous version of the game, you’ll receive SOMBRERO: RELOADED for the low cost of FREE.

Here’s a sampling of what’s new, and this post will be updated as even more new features and content are added.


  • Twitch Integration!
    • Viewers of your channel can now participate in-game! Spawning weapons & causing events/hazards can be triggered with custom hashtags posted in your Twitch channel chat. Twitch integration supports both Local & Online play.
  • New Characters!
    • Brand new characters, including guests from other games.
  • New Weapons!
    • Reaper – when close to another Player, it will change direction and seek after them.
    • Cannonball – a bouncy metal ball of death.
  • New Achievements!
    • Fear the Reaper – Get cut down to size by the Reaper 5x
    • Don’t Fear the Reaper – Halve other Players with the Reaper 10x
    • Cannonball Run – Squish other Players with the Cannonball 3x
    • Death After Life – Take out another Player after you’ve bit the big one
    • Trusty Boomstick – Sweep 5 enemies with the Shotgun
    • Hot Potato – Explode another Player by hitting them directly with TNT
    • Space Cowboy – As Jim or Ariel Futura, shoot another Player using Pulse
    • Trick Shot – Hit another Player with a ricochet when Neutral Ricochet is turned on
    • Explosivo – Get 10 Explosion Kills
    • Explosivo Maximo – Get 20 Explosion Kills
    • Explosivo Ultra – Get 50 Explosion Kills
    • The Flying Jimenez – Perforate another Player while you’re both in the air
    • Sweet Mistress Revenge (Separate Local/Online) – Avenge with Santa Muerte Against El Jefe Numero Uno
    • I’m Your Huckleberry – Play 10 Rounds as Huckleberry
    • The Law Won – Shoot El Jefe 10x as Sheriff Padre
    • 100 Bullets – Fire the Pistol 100x
    • 500 Bullets – Fire the Pistol 500x
  • News Feed – pulls the game news feeds from Steam and
  • The Story So Far – this new section provides background on characters and locations. More will be added over time as new content is introduced.
  • Leaderboards – Steam Leaderboards are now accessible in-game.
    • Each Leaderboard has 3 display Options: Top 10, Player Ranking, and Friend Ranking.
    • If a user is not online, they should receive an error message.
    • If a user is not logged into Steam, they should receive an error message.
  • New Multiplayer Regions – South Korea, India, Russia East, Russia West
  • Revised GUI
    • Updated design of Location select menu.
    • Added Match Details & Confirm to the Location select menu.
    • If no Controllers are plugged in, the interface will use Keyboard icons for Player input prompts in the GUI.
    • If a friend in a Player’s Steam friend list has started an Online match and it’s open, it will appear at the top of the Match list and in a different color.
    • Added Cancel option when Player is connecting to the server after choosing a Stage in Online play.
    • Added new translations for in-game messaging at Round start (fight, get the idol, etc), and reduced size of text on-screen to fit.
    • Added in-game messaging to show current reloading state.
    • Added in-game messaging to show current score multiplier in Loot when a Player captures a campfire.
    • Removed “Back” on Main menu submenus, switched to same style as other menus (back/select at bottom of screen)
    • When creating a new Match from the Join Match screen, the message upon server disconnect now says “Returning to Menu…” including translations.
    • Message now says “Empty!” instead of “Reload” when a Player’s weapon is empty.
    • Removed “…” from Multiplayer messages in menus, and added loading wheel.
    • Join menu now shows both Player/Steam name and Character name in both Local & Online play.
    • On the Join menu, the Player join HUD now looks different depending upon Local or Online play:
    • In an Online game, Player slots for other Players will now show the messages “Waiting” or “Player Joined” instead of the Join/Confirm GUI shown in Local play.
    • Round & Match Win/Draw/Fail have been updated to show both Player/Steam name and Character name in Local & Online play.

Graphical Enhancements:

  • New Character Sprites – Tripled resolution of character all sprites to include finer details and increase clarity.
  • 4k resolution support – why limit yourself to something reasonable when you overpaid for a used bitcoin mining GPU?
  • New lighting solution provides more vibrant colors with better performance on all supported PCs.
  • Revised and increased number of Player animations.
  • Banditos Idol Projectile has been redesigned.
  • Collision poly reduction & optimization.
  • Added ricochet spark effect to bell collision.
  • Moved Projectile trail generation into Projectile behavior loop to reduce redundant code loops and speed up rendering.
  • Added realtime lighting effects to explosions, campfires, and more.

Audio Updates:

  • Each character now has their own unique jump/death/grunt sound effects.
  • Weapon Powerup spawn now triggers a sound effect.
  • Added stab sounds on spike death.

Gameplay Changes:

  • If a Player is killed with a Projectile, they’ll be pushed in the direction the Projectile was travelling upon death.
  • Because of the layout changes on the Round/Match Win screens, full character names are now displayed.
  • Changed from overlap check to collision check on Projectile collision with world geometry. This was necessary for bouncing projectiles (Cannonball) to function correctly. This was also how collision was previously but caused issues with collisions registering on world geometry in Online play. Those issues appear have been eliminated after additional work was done to multiplayer code, but please test thoroughly. This does NOT affect collision checks with Players, where it still checks for overlap.
  • Weapon Drops! If a Player has a Weapon other than the default, they will drop it with its remaining ammo. Drops can be disabled in the Customize menu when creating a new Match.
  • Shortened Pistol projectile lifespan, and increased speed.
  • Shortened BombFist projectile lifespan.


  • Player scoring is now tracked locally between rounds and submitted to Leaderboards at the end of each Match, in addition to each Round, to break up repeating scores in Leaderboards (eg. Deathmatch maxing out at 10 kills).
  • Removed Quickplay option in Online play.
  • “DataFiles” directory has been renamed to “datafiles” to fix Linux compatibility.
  • Slightly increased Player object size.
  • Raised spiked ground on bottom of Boneyard stage, and simplified collision shapes.
  • Added more padding to raytrace to prevent ray from projecting between colliders on Projectile collision (the ricochet sparks could appear in the wrong spot if projected between collision shapes).
  • Keyboard button fixed for Applying settings on Settings menu.
  • NWjs framework updated to most recent version.
  • Updated Steamworks integration to latest available.
  • Switched from forcing GPU rasterization to auto-enabling it on GPUs that support it.