Sombrero Build 0.899.7.6

Category : SombreroDev
Date : May 8, 2016


  • There is a known bug in CTF where if a single player joins a match they don’t spawn on the map. This will be fixed in the next build and will prevent the game from starting with less than 2 players. This is a menu functionality issue.
  • Menu & HUD design is currently in a state of flux. Everything should work but design, placement and font size will be updated in a future build:


  • Added VFX & SFX when flags are picked up/returned to base.
  • The location of CTF bases now changes depending on how many players have joined. CTF base locations are semi-randomized within those set locations.


  • Updated projectile trail texture.
  • Updated Online Connection Check sprite.
  • Added a new background lighting texture.
  • Overhauled debug console. Log is now timestamped and can be saved to a text file to supply with bug reports. Functionality is still being added, it doesn’t currently capture everything. Press “~” to bring up the console.


  • Stage BG DOF now uses a Gaussian Blur instead of a Box Blur to increase focus blur quality.
  • Updated Rustler spritefont used throughout game menus. Removed drop shadow from font and applied as a shader to all text. This should avoid different bits of text having drops shadows of different sizes.
  • Started alterations for supporting multiple languages. No visible changes, just behind the scenes stuff.


  • All Players can now pick up a flag after it’s been dropped.