Sombrero Build 1.4.71

Category : SombreroDev
Date : July 17, 2017


  • Twitch Integration
    • Send & Receive Messaging through Twitch Chat. Twitch integration supports both Local & Online play.
      • Trigger object spawning in-game using hashtags in Twitch Chat. Currently only Powerup spawning is supported. A list of hashtags is available here:
      • By default, Sombrero can send up to 20 messages every 30 seconds as a channel member. If the game (user: sombrerogame) is made a mod, 100 messages can be sent every 30 seconds. These are limits set by Twitch.
    • Added News Feed to menu. This pulls in the game news RSS feed from Steam. This feed only shows developer posts.
    • If a Player is killed with a Projectile, they’ll be pushed in the direction the Projectile was travelling upon death.


  • Replaced explosion sprite animation.


  • Lightning effects now have sprite animation.


  • Corrected spelling errors.
  • Platform fall-through should now work online.

Known Issues:

  • On first startup on Linux build, if user has a keychain set up, it’ll ask for their password. This is probably unavoidable in Ubuntu 14-16 at default security settings.