Sombrero Build 0.899.7.7995

Category : SombreroDev
Date : September 11, 2016


  • Campfire capture should be synced in Online play.
  • Customized Game Style settings synced in Online play.
  • Player death from explosions should function the same in Local & Online play.
  • SFX now players on Player join menu for Online play when the Player is selecting their character.
  • Game version will be checked when the Room List is created. If versions don’t match, the Room won’t appear in the list.
  • Loot Cash drop is now removed when a Round ends.
  • Idol time is synced when a player drops the Idol to ensure that the time is consistent across all peers.


  • Keyboard navigation should work on all pre-Gameplay menus.


  • Player explosion & projectile death merged into single function to reduce duplicate functionality and ease online implementation.
  • Altered the way the Join menu countdown timer works to better sync the countdown visually & to ensure peers are less likely to miss countdown updates.


  • Idol will respawn when Player death is caused by an exploding object.
  • CTF Bases should spawn properly on all stages.

Known Issues:

  • Ladder movement isn’t functioning properly in Online play. This will be fixed in a build in the next day or two.
  • Some SFX aren’t triggering on Peers in online play. If you notice this, please file a bug which lists them.
  • Some particle effects aren’t triggering on Peers in online play.
  • Character maps aren’t synced in Online play or when a Player first joins a room with other Players in it.
  • Join menu buttons appear behind “Ready!” message in online play if Players are set to ready when another Player joins.
  • Only some Player inputs function correctly during Online play, and only some parts of gameplay are synced. See the chart below for details.

Items surrounded by a bubble have been synced in Online play. Items in YELLOW are synced but need testing. Items in BLUE should be solid but should still be tested. Items in GREEN are tested and confirmed complete. Items in GREY do NOT require sync, but it may be added if there’s time.